Sticky Toffee Oat Boosts

16 April 2024

In April 2023, graze launched Sticky Toffee Oat Boosts as a decadent and delicious new flavour; a NHFSS, high in fibre recipe that delivers both taste and health.


The aim of the concept was to dial up the taste credentials by tapping into a popular and well-known British dessert which had high appeal scores during concept testing with consumers. graze also wanted to address a key flavour gap (toffee/caramel) within their Oat Boost portfolio.

graze utilised their expertise in developing NHFSS products and used chicory root fibre to replace some of the sugar in the recipe as well as increasing the fibre content. They also introduced black treacle and dates into the recipe to give it the unmistakeable flavour of a sticky toffee pudding. The final recipe is high in fibre and has 45% less sugar than an average cereal bar*.

The new launch was highly successful with the product receiving very positive ratings and reviews on retailer websites (average 4.7 stars out of 5).

Yummy! - 15th June 2023
These are so delicious and with 45% less sugar - even better! Fab for a mid-morning pick me up or an on-the-go snack. You can tell they are made with good-quality ingredients that you come to expect with graze products.”

graze also won The Grocer New Product and Packaging award for the Snack Bar category with their Sticky Toffee Oat Boosts in November 2023. The judges complemented the flavour (and couldn’t believe it was healthy!) as well as acknowledging the look and feel of graze’s packaging.

* graze has compared their Oat Boosts to over 80 cereal bars in the market, data accurate as of June 2023