Nutrition Collection – Tate & Lyle’s internal library resource

16 April 2024

Tate & Lyle addresses the "fibre gap" with the Nutrition Collection, offering easily accessible information to increase awareness and knowledge. The dynamic resource undergoes continuous evaluation and updates, reflecting the company's commitment to supporting employees and customers in enhancing fibre intake.


In its ongoing commitment to address the "fibre gap", Tate & Lyle initiated a comprehensive internal library resource to ensure easy access to essential information for all its employees. This led to the creation of the Nutrition Collection which aims to increase awareness and knowledge, enhance employees' understanding of the benefits of fibre, and showcase how Tate & Lyle’s technical expertise can assist its customers in producing healthier food and drinks consumers love.

Various materials within this dynamic repository, including brochures, educational videos, webinars, and infographics emphasise the fibre gap between dietary intake and the recommended amount, delve into the various health advantages associated with higher fibre intake, and present extensive research conducted by Tate & Lyle.

Since the launch of the Nutrition Collection there were more than 600 views of the nutrition material and more than 180 downloads of the nutrition resources. Recognising the evolving nature of nutritional information, the Nutrition Collection remains a dynamic resource, continually updated to reflect the latest research and insights.

Tate & Lyle pledges to continue supporting and educating its employees and customers to increase fibre intake consumption.