General Mills – Educating on Fibre

21 February 2024

In 2023, General Mills launched two key educational campaigns to highlight the benefits of fibre for employees, and consumers.  


In May General Mills hosted a well-attended and external dietician-led employee education session on fibre; what it is and what it does. This included product ranking, Q&A, and practical tips to increase fibre in our diets. This was followed with an internal video from the expert dietician summarising the key messages so a wider group of our employees could benefit.

We then supported the launch of a UK consumer survey, to better understand their knowledge and habits around fibre. Our partner dietician led a scientific report, gathering this consumer data, alongside a comprehensive literature review, that highlighted the benefits of fibre for the British population. This report has been disseminated to mainstream and health-forward media, to help increase awareness on the benefits of fibre for Fibre February.