apetito Case Study: Food Waste

01 January 2017

The energy, water, waste, resources and fuel saving initiatives introduced by apetito have saved money and focused the business on innovation and leadership in sustainability.

apetito sees food waste as the central issue within food chain sustainability. Food wastage has significant greenhouse gas impacts but also impacts wider society in terms of nutrition and our ability to feed the growing world population.



  • Frozen Produce
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The company has halved factory food waste and ensured the remainder is directed to anaerobic digestion to produce electricity and generate agricultural soil improver. It aims to share ideas, inspire and work with suppliers and customers to enhance its focus on the avoidance of food waste.

apetito is working with the wider food industry as part of the Courtauld Commitment 2025 to achieve carbon focussed packaging and resource efficiency. 

View Ambition 2025: Shaping Sustainable Value Chains.

“Sustainability is simply about being an efficient and innovative business. The Five-fold Environmental Ambition has been the foundation of our environmental programme giving us direction and performance milestones that have enabled us to strengthen our business while work alongside suppliers and customers to progress towards a sustainable future.” 

Paul Freeston

CEO, apetito