McCain Foods Case Study: Sustainable Supply Chains

01 January 2017

McCain Foods is proud of its British agricultural heritage and works closely with over 300 Red Tractor Farm assured growers in the UK to ensure high quality potatoes are grown in the most sustainable and efficient way possible, whilst promoting farming best practice. 



  • Frozen Produce
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As the largest purchaser of British potatoes, ensuring extensive traceability across the supply chain is key. As such, all McCain main crop growers in the UK are supplied by the company’s dedicated seed business in Scotland, ensuring high quality raw material and increased product assurance. Long term partnerships are essential to ensuring a sustainable and resilient supply chain.

McCain offers its growers multiple year contracts that reflect input cost variances and encourage on-farm efficiencies – allowing growers to take a long term view on investment in their own operations. Through the support of dedicated McCain agronomists, they support ongoing knowledge transfer and support is also given via the McCain Good Agricultural Practices programme.

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“As the largest purchaser of UK potatoes, we’re proud of our unique relationship with UK agriculture and our long term partnerships with our growers. Working directly with over 300 British potato growers, many of whom are in their third generation of supplying McCain, these partnerships are key to achieving a sustainable and resilient supply chain.”

Nick Vermont

CEO, McCain Foods