Border Biscuits Case Study: Packaging

01 January 2020

Award-winning biscuit manufacturer Border Biscuits has highlighted its commitment to improving the environmental impact of the business by removing 90% of plastic from packaging as part of a wider £1.6 million investment into its products and processes.



  • Biscuits, Crackers, Rusks
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Boasting the Number 1 selling Dark Chocolate Ginger in the UK, the iconic brand is changing its packaging to feature recyclable cardboard as it targets a significant increase in the sustainabiltiy of its products.

Alongside the removal of 90% plastic, the overall weight of the Ginger, Classic and Traditional retail packaging has been reduced by 50%. As a result, double the amount of packs fit onto a single pallet, making the transportation of product more environmentally friendly and further reducing the company’s carbon footprint saving 527 tonnes of CO2 emissions. That equates to 895 homes improving their energy efficiency through installing better insulation as well as smarter lighting, appliances and heating systems.

Consumer feedback on the 90% reduction in plastic and the updated look of the new packaging has been positive with it being viewes as a more modern design for everyday occasions. It was also noted that consumers believed the packs would be easier to store and maintaining the ability to see the biscuit within the pack remains a major positive*.

In addition to unveiling new packaging, Border Biscuits has updated its logo to reflect the premium biscuits it produces. There are twelve beautifully crafted recipes, each produced to exacting standatds to deliver a high-quality biscuit, full of trasition and heritage, every time.

*Research carries out in 2018 by IGD on behalf of Border Biscuits

View Ambition 2025 Progress Report.

“As a business, we are continuously looking at ways to improve our prodcuts and processes and the launch of this new packaging is the latest exciting development in that work. “Innovating to reduce single-use plastic has been a key focus over the last 12 months and our new packaging means we can address the environmental concerns of our customers without compromising on the high quality of our beautifully crafted biscuits”

Suzie Carlow

Marketing Manager, Border Biscuits