Princes Limited case study: Packaging

24 February 2021

The primary function of the packaging Princes use is to ensure the safety and quality of their products for consumers; however the environmental impact is equally important. Packaging is critical in protecting products and reducing food waste but it must not come at an unaffordable cost to the planet


Princes approach is simple and can be summed up in their Group vision of Proudly helping families to eat well, without costing the earth, which reflects not only the business they aspire to be, but the existing passion and commitment of employees to become a truly sustainable business. Their supply chains and operations are global and therefore they believe in collaboration with stakeholders to make lasting improvements in environmental and social issues.

Princes regularly engage with employees, suppliers, customers, neighbours,
Non-Governmental Organisations, policymakers and many others to build relationships, learn from each other, expand their scope and aim for the greater good.

This approach can be seen in the progress being made in plastic packaging. Across their UK sites the average recycled content of plastic packaging is 45% while 99% of plastic they use are widely recyclable.

The business and its employees understand their circular economy responsibility to ensure that materials are reduced and re-used. When they consider new packaging for a product they will take the overall environmental life-cycle and supply chain impact of materials into account to make the best decision for customers and consumers.

Princes will also be moving all of their branded tuna multipacks to cardboard sleeve packaging as part of a major initiative over the next 18-24 months.

View Ambition 2025 Progress Report 2020

“In recent years, we have made great strides in increasing the recycled content of the plastic we use and enhancing the recyclability of plastics, such as with our exit from Expanded Polystyrene pots which follows on from removing PVC last year. Our ultimate goal is to reach the maximum possible recycled content for all the plastics we use as soon as we possibly can and preferably with UK material. This is crucial if we are to achieve a circular economy for plastic in the UK.”

David McDiarmid

Corporate Relations Director, Princes Limited