Net Zero & Decarbonisation: Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I

17 February 2022

Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I (SBF GB&I), the UK’s third largest soft drinks maker, is accelerating its fight against climate change by targeting a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from direct operations and a 30% decrease across its value chain by 2030.


Progress to date

SBF GB&I has already committed to science-based targets to achieve reductions in emissions by 2030 and since 2015 has reduced its carbon footprint by 25% (ISO 14064).

Progress has been made by investing in a new energy and water efficient production line at its Coleford factory, continued investment in warehousing and operations efficiencies and using increasing amounts of recycled plastic (rPET) in its primary packaigng.

In 2020, Ribena become the largest UK soft drink brand to use 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic bottles. This shift from using virgin plastic made from fossil fuels to rPET reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 79% and builds towards SBF GB&I’s 2030 ambition to move to fully sustainable packaging by 2030.

Opportunities and challenges

SBF GB&I’s 100% sustainable plastic packaging target will play a crucial role in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating plastic derived from fossil-fuels.

To do this, SBF GB&I is undergoing a major transformation project to optimise all its bottles for recycling, with the aim of boosting the domestic availability of recycled material. Doing this will mean more bottles can be made back into bottles and remove the need for virgin plastic.

Ribena was the first of its brands to be overhauled and Lucozade will follow in 2021/2 with a design fit for bottle-to-bottle recycling.

To help consumers play their part in keeping bottles in circulation, SBF GB&I became founding members of Circularity Scotland – the administrator delivering Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme – in the hope of increasing collection rates to 90% and replicating the model throughout other parts of the UK.

What’s next?

SBF GB&I continues to promote energy conservation through its supply chain, is exploring further renewable energy options   and is transitioning its fleet over to hybrid vehicles while trialling electric vehicles for its city-centre sales teams in Ireland.

“Improving the sustainability of our packaging and processes is vital on this journey. We have already reduced our carbon footprint by 25% in the last five years and we are committed to reaching net zero as part of our wider vision to Grow for Good.”

Michelle Norman, Director of Sustainability and External Affairs, Suntory Beverage & Food Europe