Employees are your most important asset

02 March 2022

“If you train people to be the best they can be, and treat them well, they won’t want to go anywhere else. As well as good retention and loyalty, you get better morale, better productivity and a closer working relationship.”


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Who we are

Arla has a unique position, being a global dairy company owned by dairy farmers in several countries, we have the opportunity to provide healthy dairy products to people around the world, and we want to do this in a responsible way.

In addition, we have our Corporate Identity which is called Good Growth. This is based on our cooperative and collaborative philosophy, our responsible working practices, our natural milk, our healthy products and our responsibility towards society, the environment and our colleagues. Together, these cornerstones form the basis of our identity.

Looking after your people

As a multinational company, we have a Code of Conduct running across our different countries and we also follow audit and certification schemes such as SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit).

This sets us apart from some smaller food and drink companies in terms of specific practices and audits, but we’re just the same as them in one crucial respect: we rely on our people.

By treating people fairly and well and developing them, we see a range of business benefits: from a more positive workplace culture to better staff retention to higher productivity.

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