KP Snacks - Health Kiosks Initiative

21 May 2024

Putting KP people first is our number one priority. Part of our ongoing focus on Health and Wellbeing includes our annual Health Kiosks initiative.


For KP, putting people first means providing a working environment that’s safe, inclusive, rewarding and inspires all our people to be the very best they can be. A regular part of our focus on Health and Wellbeing includes our annual Health Kiosks initiative.

Know Your Numbers is an annual awareness campaign by Blood Pressure UK. For the past four years, KP has used this as a focus to encourage colleagues to understand the importance of knowing their own blood pressure – a very simple preventative measure given that high blood pressure can be a major factor in heart attack and stroke, but since it often has no symptoms is known as ‘the silent killer’.

Simply understanding one’s own blood pressure (‘knowing your numbers’) can also be an important spur to make healthy lifestyle changes or, if necessary, to seek medical support to bring blood pressure down to a healthy level.

As part of a broader campaign of health initiatives, each September KP runs its Wellbeing Kiosk campaign. Kiosks are installed at all eight KP sites and publicised The kiosks enable colleagues to check both blood pressure and a range of basic health statistics. They are simple to operate and confidential and, in 2023, nearly 1,400 KP colleagues used them.

The information gathered also generates a personal ‘wellbeing age’ – a measure of how healthy an individual is compared to their actual age. This can indicate how lifestyle may be impacting overall health and wellbeing. The average wellbeing age reduction for KP Snacks as a whole varied from 1-2 years by site.

A range of wellbeing information and support for healthier lifestyles is also readily available and promoted through KP’s intranet and locally by sites.

In 2023, KP Teesside was particularly successful, recording a drop in wellbeing age of three years, which is testament to the site’s particular focus on weight loss during the year and its lengthy campaigns including weight loss support and dietary changes to try to change behaviours.

Over successive years, statistics from the Wellbeing Kiosks have given progressively lower wellbeing ages across the company, implying the success of KP Snacks’ broader health and wellbeing programs.