Pepsico UK & Ireland - Healthy Living Hub

21 May 2024

PepsiCo UK is committed to the health and wellbeing of all 4,500 colleagues across the country and has a number of resources and initiatives available to ensure PepsiCo is a great place to work.


At PepsiCo, we don’t just see public health through the prism of our products but through our people too. We are committed to supporting our colleagues, their families and the local communities that we operate in to make positive choices in all aspects of their daily lives. 

We believe having your physical, emotional and financial well-being in balance makes for a happier, healthier, better you. That’s why we have an extensive well-being programme, available to all 4,500 colleagues across the UK, including at our six manufacturing sites. 

Our online ‘Healthy Living Hub’ hosts a number of resources and acts as a toolkit of information and advice on a number of influences, including nutrition, sleep, exercise and money management. Colleagues can join webinars and there are opportunities to learn new skills and develop themselves personally and professionally, which is all part of making PepsiCo a great place to work. (See Supporting Healthy Minds Case Study, a system created post-covid in collaboration with the Consumer Goods Forum and Healthier Lives, to help support the mental health of our colleagues.)

At our six sites, we have some tailored and more specific options available including Mental Health Ambassadors who are equipped to signpost colleagues that request support to local services, physical activity opportunities like local walks and trainers and opportunities to celebrate specific days/months, highlighting health issues in the workplace. For example, engaging teams in dry January, increased resources during Stress Awareness Month, Men’s Health and Mental Health Awareness Week. We want to ensure that colleagues feel that their workplace is a safe space to be themselves and are aware of all resources open to them.

We continue to listen to feedback from all employees through a regular Organisational Health Survey and through responses build out our programme to fit evolving challenges and needs.