Princes - Time To Talk Team

21 May 2024

Focused on championing mental health wellbeing; working with colleagues, we challenge ourselves to ensure that meaningful and practical support measures are in place for everyone.


Workplace Health Initiatives

Keen to promote mental good health across Princes, the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Programme has been subject to change recently. By taking time to listen and learn, Princes 60+ trained MHFA’s have been invited to be part of a transition that will see them become part of a ‘Time To Talk Team’.

This evolution is about much more than a name change and has actually been instigated in recognition of the fact that colleagues want to be able to talk and share problems and concerns at any time – not just if they have reached a crisis point.

The move has been warmly welcomed by those colleagues who advocate mental good health and are passionate about making sure that they are available to support colleagues, always.

What has been fantastic to see as both Princes Health & Wellbeing Programme and Inclusion & Diversity Programme have matured is that, through the colleague volunteer population, the synergies of the two programmes are being recognised and harnessed for good – it is no coincidence that the successful launch of the Sunflower room at Liverpool’s Head Office site has prompted this shift and that it is being instigated with the opening of Sunflower rooms across all 7 UK manufacturing sites.

That means that following February’s Time To Talk Day events, all 4,000+ UK colleagues will have access to meaningful and accessible mental health support in an environment that is conducive to quiet reflection or gentle conversation.

Princes commitment to promoting positive wellbeing and in particular, mental good health is intentional and fully supported by the business. Indeed, the Chief People Officer, Joe Dent shared his personal story when the Programme was first launched to help normalise mental health.

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