The Scottish Government's consultation asked for views to help shape a local food strategy for Scotland. FDF Scotland responded to the consultation to represent the views of food and drink manufacturers of all sizes in communities across Scotland.

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As part of our response we recognised that local food and artisanal production has an important role to play, not least in providing support to local communities and in enhancing our reputation as a tourist destination and as a land of food and drink.

However, we expressed concern that the role of high quality and high volume food manufacturing is not more celebrated in the Scottish Government's definition of local food. Scottish food and drink manufacturers, no matter their size, are proud of their products whether they are sold locally, across Scotland, across the UK or into export markets. We do not agree with the assumption in the Scottish Government's paper that high volume does not equal high quality. We noted that the Scotland's export statistics and economic value come in high degree from our larger manufacturers.


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