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FDF Scotland produces regular podcasts featuring insights and updates from Scotland's food and drink industry. These focus on behind the scenes of the food and drink business, skills, reformulation, environment and other topics of interest.

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Latest episode

11 June 2021

The benefits and opportunities of paying the Real Living Wage

In this podcast Food and Drink Federation Scotland's Head of Policy Cat Hay talks to Rachel Morrison from Living Wage Scotland about the benefits and opportunities of paying the Real Living Wage.

The real Living Wage is currently £9.50 per hour throughout the UK and £10.85 in London.

With the new Scottish Parliament and Government fully focused on the fair work agenda this is a great time for employers to find out more about the benefits for both their people and their business.

More information

To find out more about the Real Living Wage and how to get accredited please visit https://scottishlivingwage.org/ or email rachel.morrison@povertyalliance.org.

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Featured podcast

11 February 2021

A menu for growth: Our priorities for Scotland’s food and drink manufacturers

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections, Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland published a manifesto setting out our key priorities that will support the future growth of the vital food and drink manufacturing industry.

Listen to this podcast to find out more about the great work our industry is doing and how we will work with the next Scottish Parliament and Government to support the future success of food and drink.

More information 

Read FDF Scotland's manifesto: https://bit.ly/AMenuForGrowth

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