Guidance on comparative nutrition claims

26 June 2020

This FDF guidance provides detailed best practice regulatory advice on the requirements and appropriate wording for comparative nutrition claims to be used in the labelling and advertising of food and drink products.

Comparative nutrition claims stipulate a difference in the quantity of a nutrient or energy value:

  • Increased [name of nutrient]
  • Decreased [name of nutrient]
  • Energy Reduced
  • Light / Lite


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This guidance also describes comparative nutrition claims which are not permitted, such as: reduced claims against a previous recipe that is no longer available in the marketplace, and equivalence claims such as “as much 'nutrient' as 'other category” claims.

This guidance does not cover non-nutrition comparative claims, such as ingredient (e.g. 30% more fruit), taste, texture, or pricing comparative claims, or to health claims that draw comparisons.

This guidance includes a foreword from the Department of Health.