FDF's Ambition: Progress Report 2019

28 January 2020

2019 was an exciting year for environmental policy and the sustainability agenda, not least because the UK became the first major economy to enshrine a Net Zero emissions target into law. Unabated public and political interest in packaging has continued and food waste has also been in the policy spotlight.

Since last year, FDF members reported a further reduction in CO2 emissions, down 53.2% since 1990, and a reduction in water consumption, down 38.5% since 2008. Food and drink manufacturers also made a significant contribution to the progress recorded in the first Courtauld 2025 milestone report, a reduction in food waste by 15.9% per capita was achieved between 2015 and 2018 and by 31.4% per capita basis since 2011 against the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 target baseline.


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Even with this progress, the global food system still faces unprecedented pressures over the coming decades. These will require a transformation in the way we do business at all levels – from the ingredients we source and products we make, to how they are packaged and transported.