Ensuring Sustainability commitments are authentic, relevant and don’t become a liability

22 June 2021

With ongoing global disruption and COP26 just around the corner, sustainability is right at the forefront of corporate agendas. Now, more than ever, businesses want to take action and are increasingly making their sustainability commitments public. But before deciding on and communicating any big commitments, it’s important to think through what this would mean in practice, to avoid an opportunity becoming a liability.



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Our webinar will guide you through some simple questions to ask yourself when considering corporate commitments to make sure they are authentic, relevant, deliverable and aligned with corporate and brand strategy.


Presenter: Debbie Daly

Debbie has over 25 years’ experience in helping clients engage and influence key stakeholders and protect corporate reputation through strategic communications. She has advised clients in the food and drink and packaging, sectors on business-critical issues in areas such as recycling, end of life solutions, sustainable packaging, renewable materials and sustainable forestry.

Debbie is a member of Instinctif Partners’ Reinventing Responsibility team, which works with businesses to help them create sustainable business strategies; influence and  engage with multiple stakeholders for systems change; and communicate their sustainability strategies and the impact of their actions, for better business outcomes.

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How to avoid making your corporate and brand commitments on sustainability a liability and ensure they are authentic, deliverable and relevant