Food, Drink and Milk Industries BRef 2019 - BAT Compliance and Derogation

18 November 2021

The 2019 update of the Food, Drink and Milk Industries BRef introduced new best available techniques (BAT) requirements and associated emission levels. In accordance with the Industrial Emissions Directive, this being the overarching European legislation implemented in the UK by the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016, the BRef revision triggered a review of environmental permits by the regulator and permitted food and drink Installations will be required complete a BAT compliance review.


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This webinar provides an overview of:

  • the requirements to comply with Articles 13 and 15 of the Industrial Emissions Directive;
  • Regulation 61 notice BAT compliance requirements; and
  • the derogation process.


Paul Wright

Paul is the Technical Discipline Manager in the Environment Management, Permitting & Compliance team and has over 11 years’ experience in environmental regulation, with extensive experience of environmental permitting, compliance audits and environmental management systems.  Prior to joining SLR in September 2018, Paul was NRW’s Industry Regulation Team Leader for North and Mid Wales since 2012, building on earlier roles with NRW (and predecessors) as Agriculture team leader and Pollution Prevention and Control Officer.

Sharon Abram

Sharon Abram is a Principal Consultant in the SLR Environment Management, Permitting & Compliance team. Sharon has over 20 years’ experience in environmental consultancy having worked with a substantial number of industrial clients, including numerous food and drink sector clients, to provide a range of technical services including support with environmental permitting, environmental legal compliance and compliance audits and environmental management systems. Sharon has undertaken numerous BAT assessments in support of environmental permit applications and variations and has prepared BAT compliance reviews for food and drink sector clients in response to Regulation 61 notices.

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Food, Drink and Milk Industries BRef 2019 - BAT Compliance and Derogation