Lockdown Households – almost a year on

16 February 2021

Levercliff will share the fifth set of results from their tracking survey focusing on what  consumers are doing now, what habits have stuck, what they feel is important to them, and some glimpses into their future plans.

The results come from UK representative survey of 1000 consumers in January 2021. David and Clodagh will compare consumer behaviours now with almost a year ago, and track changes in their ‘Lockdown Households’ – 4 typical households Levercliff have developed to help understand how the pandemic has influenced different consumer groups.

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Speaker profile

David Craig, Director 

David’s career in the Food and Drink Industry started over 20 years ago with a degree in Food Product Design with Management. He has worked in a variety of marketing roles within companies such as Baxters Food Group, Matthew Algie, and Whole Foods Market covering the entire supply chain from farm gate to consumer facing roles.


Clodagh Sherrard, Director 

With a Masters in Marketing, she specialises in working with companies to develop growth strategies through the use of market and consumer insight.

Clodagh has worked with food and drink companies of all sizes including, Border Biscuits, Ardo, Whites, Keogh’s, Cully & Sully, ABP, Dawn Meats, and Linden Foods