Net Zero Technologies – How green Webinar: Hydrogen and fuel cells can support the transition to Net Zero

10 June 2021

Hydrogen technologies are lauded as potentially paving the way to net zero in industrial heating and fleet transport. But what is the reality, and how can the advancements in hydrogen be applied across your site/portfolio?

ITPEnergised and Protium Green Solutions discuss hydrogen as a net zero concept and show how the theoretical can be made reality on your site. Webinar to cover:

  • Why Net Zero?
  • Hydrogen as a Net Zero Solution
  • The Protium HESCO concept
  • Hydrogen technologies in the Food and Beverage Sector
  • Making Hydrogen a reality – investment, planning, and permitting considerations
  • Potential funding opportunities
  • Next steps



Widely applicable to FDF members, and in particular to those members looking to transition to low and zero carbon heat and fleet.

Will be of interest to board level decision makers, environmental and sustainability managers, site engineering teams and middle and senior leadership teams.

ITPEnergised believes passionately in the world’s transition to net zero. We work in partnership with our clients to optimise the efficiency of existing assets and facilitate the transition to low and zero carbon energy supply at both corporate and site levels.

Our agile delivery team works to refine and enable positive changes to ESG factors and decarbonisation strategies.  Our extensive network allows us to deliver practicable solutions. 

Protium Green Solutions is a UK green hydrogen energy services company established to provide hydrogen-based energy and transportation solutions to commercial and industrial clients looking to decarbonise their activities.

Protium provides hydrogen as an energy service by originating, designing, developing, constructing, financing, owning and operating hydrogen & renewable infrastructure.  These services are provided through a fixed service-level contract, typically over a 15 to 20-year period. To facilitate this Protium works with long term institutional investors to source and structure capital to develop its projects.

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Hydrogen and fuel cells can support the transition to Net Zero