COP26 – What does COP26 mean to you?

23 November 2021

With much discussion about COP26 on the lead up to the conference, what will the outcomes of COP26 mean to businesses and what’s next for businesses?

This webinar hosted by SRL Consulting considers the key outcomes, and how do businesses deal with climate resilience, net zero and the evolution of TCFD.


Main Themes:

  1. COP26 Policy Mapping – summary of key COP26 outcomes and their relevance to policy development (Matthew Farrow – Director Environmental Industries Commission (EIC))
  2. Climate Resilience and Net Zero (incl. Scope 3): How do they relate? Managing risk & realising opportunity? (John Mark Zywko – Director Corporate Citizenship and James Meacher – Associate Director Corporate Citizenship)
  3. Evolution of TCFD – what does ‘good’ disclosure look like? What underpins it? (Peter Urich – Managing Director CLIMSystems)
  • 10-15 mins for each main theme, followed by Q&A
COP26 – What does COP26 mean to you?