Circular Economy in the Food and Drink Sector

29 September 2022

Businesses are seeking a competitive market edge in fast moving markets. The circular economy offers an opportunity to grow your market share, whilst radically improving both your environmental and social impacts. However, many organisations are unsure what the circular economy means in practice, and what opportunities are best suited to their business. This webinar will introduce the circular economy and the business models. It will outline the steps that companies can take to identify, evaluate, implement and then sustain circular practices that suit their bespoke needs.




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The programme comprises a 1-hour webinar (inc Q&A), covering:

  • An introduction to the circular economy:
    • What is the circular economy?
    • Some definitions
    • Why are we moving to a circular economy?
  • The principles of circularity, with examples
    • Design
    • Supply chain management
    • Manufacture of products
    • Circular business models – servitisation and sharing economy
    • Use / maintain / repair
    • Take-back/reuse
    • Recycling
    • Valorisation
  • Practical suggestions to move forward
    • Possible means to identify and address biggest opportunities
    • Tools to help



Simon Gandy

A chemical engineer by original training, Simon spent 7 years making shampoos for Procter & Gamble before taking an MSc in Environmental Technology (1999-2000). Since then, he has been an environmental consultant, advising public and private clients on matters of waste management, the circular economy, sustainability and life cycle assessment (LCA). Through diverse project experience, Simon has developed an expertise for applying the LCA method to assist his clients with their particular goals, such as reducing their environmental impacts or understanding the relative performance of different design options. More recently, LCA has become the foundation for both circularity studies and Scope 3 carbon calculations, meaning Simon’s skills and experience are in particularly high demand.

Circular Economy in the Food and Drink Sector