FDF Sustainability Strategy Project

20 January 2023

FDF is starting the development of its sustainability strategy.  This webinar will introduce the staged approach to this work over 2023, covering Parts A to D, culminating in a successor scheme to Ambition 2025.

Particular focus will be given to how members (and non-members) can engage in Part A of the project which covers the following:

  • Mapping of sustainability topics most materially important to FDF members
  • Mapping current and proposed regulations in the UK and Europe that correlate with priority areas
  • Mapping existing industry initiatives and determining which are the most impactful.
  • Mapping FDF’s current ESC work areas and key peer activities against topic priorities



  • Food and drink manufacturers both as FDF members and non-members.
  • Other key industry stakeholders.


  • Matt Loose (Founder and Chief Executive of Canopy Consulting)
  • Emma Eatough (Sustainability Consultant, 3Keel)
  • Emma Piercy (Head of Climate Change & Energy Policy, FDF)

Recorded webinar

FDF Sustainability Strategy Project

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