UK – Australia FTA: Opportunities for the Food and Drink Industry

10 May 2022


Ahead of the future strengthened trading relationship between the UK and Australia, Austrade together with the FDF would like to explore opportunities, gaps and trends across food and drink in both countries.

This webinar will bring together market experts, buyers and businesses to share their views and experiences.



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The session will be divided in three different parts:

  1. The first part of the session will offer an overview of the FTA.
  2. In the second part, Ms. Sowmya Ramaswami from Euromonitor will be giving an overview on what F&B related products both countries export and import the most. Additionally, an overview of the F&B trade between Australia and the UK will be offered, and they will provide help in understanding key categories and emerging trends in both markets.
  3. The final part will offer a discussion with industry experts, F&B related companies, as well as people involved in trading with the UK and Australia. This will give a direct perspective from the business community and how the FTA would work in areas such as tariffs, food standards or customs facilitation, among other things. The discussion will be moderated by Anastasia Nishnianidze, Australia’s Trade & Investment Commissioner to the UK & Ireland.
UK – Australia FTA: Opportunities for the Food and Drink Industry