What are Scope 3 carbon emissions and why do they matter?

11 May 2022

For many organisations Scope 3 carbon emissions account for more than 90% of their carbon footprint.

If you, like many forward-thinking organisations, are looking to decarbonise and want to - 

  • improve the resilience of your supply chains
  • minimise the risk of unexpected costs such as energy price hikes and
  • want to increase your adaptability to future climate and legislative challenges

- you can’t afford to ignore your Scope 3 emissions.

Join the experts from Ricardo for this informative webinar to explain what Scope 3 emissions are and how you can begin to tackle them.

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Ricardo's consultants can help you no matter where you are on your sustainability journey. They offer a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve an effective, forward-thinking and sustainable way to do business. Ricardo have many years of expertise in the food and drink sector and have helped numerous organisations achieve their sustainability goals.

They help clients to differentiate themselves in the market by developing strategies that reduce risk and build long-term organisational and supply chain resilience. Their support continues throughout the project lifecycle with road mapping, implementation, reporting and review.

Ricardo have teams specialised in

  • net zero and decarbonisation including scope 3 emissions reduction
  • ESG and social value
  • agriculture
  • energy and heat
  • waste
  • sustainable packaging
  • life cycle assessment
  • sustainable procurement
  • sustainable transport
  • water
  • air quality
  • and more…

They offer a bespoke, integrated package of services to help you set, achieve and communicate your environmental goals.

Please get in touch to talk about your sustainability journey.

Visit https://ee.ricardo.com/fdf or email enquiry-ee@ricardo.com




Sam Williams

Food and Drink Sector Business Manager, Ricardo

Sam works with clients in the food and drink sector to help them set and achieve their sustainability goals. He specialises in helping businesses address complex environmental pressures with robust data driven solutions that satisfy the needs of investors, customers and regulators.

Key to his approach is listening to client objectives, applying his understanding of industry drivers, and his experience of the commercial viability of solutions.

Charles Gaisford

Technical lead, Energy, carbon and net zero, Ricardo

Charles has over 18 years’ experience supporting organisations manage their energy and carbon emissions and in the past 4 years has been intensively involved in net zero projects from developing high level strategies through to designing and delivering projects on site.  He has a long history of working with organisations in the food and drinks sector and has an extensive understanding of many relevant energy using processes and technologies.

Daniel Crowe

Principal Consultant, Carbon & Energy Management, Ricardo

Daniel is an experienced carbon and energy consultant specialising in corporate greenhouse gas accounting and net zero strategy development; with a current focus on Scope 3 reporting. He has supported many of the UK’s largest energy consumers to comply with carbon legislation, improve their ESG profile with deeper greenhouse gas transparency and put in place strategies to achieve Net Zero targets.

He has worked with a wide profile of clients, including food manufacturers, logistics, major supermarkets and the hospitality & fast food sectors.

What are Scope 3 carbon emissions and why do they matter?