Healthier Bakery – A Recipe for Reformulation Success

16 November 2023

Listen to learn about the public health targets relevant to the bakery industry from Food Standards Scotland. During the webinar we showcased a range of alternative ingredient solutions that can be swapped for traditional bakery ingredients in recipes to help bakers make their recipes healthier, including fat, sugar and salt reduction and replacement, egg replacers, and fibre enrichment.

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Listen to our free webinar focussing on reformulation in the bakery sector.

Run a quick SWOT analysis for the bakery category and you might note the following:

  • Consumers seeking healthier products
  • Mandatory calorie labelling
  • Promotional restrictions for HFSS products

Have you listed these as threats or opportunities?

We are supporting Scottish SME bakers to gain a competitive edge and be prepared for future legislative and trend changes, through reformulation.

Learn about the changes that could happen in the next few years, and understand the Nutrient Profile Model and other nutritional standards relevant to bakery.

We have a range of industry and ingredient experts ready to guide you through the recipe tweaks that can help futureproof your products and your business, from:

  • Food Standards Scotland
  • Univar Solutions
  • Saltsmith
  • Oggs
  • Ulrick & Short
  • R&W Scott


Joanne Burns, Reformulation for Health Manager, FDF Scotland

Laura Wilson, Head of Public Nutrition, Food Standards Scotland


Healthier Bakery – A Recipe for Reformulation Success