How to unlock the potential of your future leaders – from aspiring to inspiring!

03 May 2023

Only 1 in 5 managers and leaders in the U.K. have a recognised, management or leadership qualification!

Of those 1 in 5, 90% say their management or leadership qualification improved their own and their teams’ performance dramatically, and with 60% of first-line managers responsible for 80% of a company’s employees, having people with the necessary knowledge and skills in place, is crucial for all organisations.

Join experts from Grant Thornton, Activate Business School and Cranfield University to learn about the programmes available, from a new/aspiring manager to an experienced manager/senior leader.


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Sue Ledgard - Grant Thornton
Talent Solutions Consumer Lead

Sue has 20 years’ experience of working within apprenticeships and she supports clients within the consumer industry, with their people/learning & development strategies, specifically around maximising apprenticeships to develop and upskill talent.

Tom Pearce - Grant Thornton
Talent Solutions Leadership Programme Manager

Tom manages the partnerships with Cranfield and Activate. He is a London Apprenticeship Ambassador and on advisory boards for the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education (IFATE) and the Association of Apprentices (AoA).

Neil Godfrey – Cranfield University
Corporate Relationships Director

Neil has worked at Cranfield University for almost 23 years and currently works with Cranfield’s commercial and public sector partners, with a particular focus on helping employers maximise their use of the apprenticeship levy.

Jayne Atkinson - Activate Apprenticeships
Head of Business School

With over 10 years’ experience of designing and delivering both apprenticeships and training solutions, Activate Business School specialises in leadership & management, team leader & supervisory skills and process leader.


We will be discussing:

  • the benefits of completing leadership/management programmes and how they can transform the way you work
  • the programmes’ criteria, training delivery, learning outcomes and expected return on investment

how to maximise the government’s apprenticeship levy and co-investment schemes to fund these programmes

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How to unlock the potential of your future leaders – from aspiring to inspiring!