What’s next for advertising and promotion of HFSS products across the UK?

25 July 2023

This webinar, recorded live on 25th July 2023, includes presentations from speakers with extensive experience in helping companies interpret HFSS regulation.

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The webinar sets out:

  • What is a HFSS (high in fat, salt or sugar) product?
  • Experiences from location restrictions in England, and what’s next for restrictions on price promotions
  • Welsh and Scottish Government plans to implement promotional restrictions in the future
  • How to take steps to ensure you comply with forthcoming advertising rules for HFSS products
HFSS webinar 2023


  • Kai Virtanen, Head of Growth, Levercliff
  • Amy Glass, UK Diet and Health Policy Manager, FDF
  • Daniel Askew, Public Affairs Executive, Association of Convenience Stores
  • Ed Wilson, Deputy Director Public Health Improvement, Prevention and Promotion, Welsh Government
  • Cheryl McNulty, Restricting Promotions Team Leader, Diet and Healthy Weight, Scottish Government
  • Louise Allen, Senior Executive (Diet and Health), FDF
  • Andy Taylor, Regulatory Policy Executive, Committee on Advertising Practice