Creating a Holistic Approach: Linking Food Safety Culture with Health, Safety, and Well-Being

10 June 2024


People play a critical role in fostering a healthy food safety culture and creating a safe working environment, which ultimately ensures the delivery of safe food.

Join BSI for an enlightening webinar who will explore the critical connections between healthy, safe, and nurtured people and the development of a positive food safety culture within organizations.

In this session, BSI will delve into the various ways in which effective HSW management practices contribute to establishing and nurturing a robust food safety culture.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Prioritizing your people - the link between people culture and food safety culture
  • The impact of a poor culture
  • Maximize the effectiveness of training

For any further information please contact Kate Field or Alison Cousins


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Alison Cousins, Global Retail, Consumer Goods and Food Training Director, BSI

Alison oversees BSI’s global food training business, actively developing tutors, and working with experts in the field to bring the very best training to the food and retail sector. 

She holds a BSc (Hons) degree, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, and with 26 years’ experience in the food manufacturing sector, both in food technology and training, is an experienced instructional designer, teacher and trainer, with a particular focus on international standards and food safety management.


Kate Field, Global Head of Human and Social Sustainability, BSI                                                                                                                          

Kate is an award-winning thought leader, author and keynote speaker on health, safety and well-being. With over 20 years of experience across all sectors, from Regulator to Consultant, Kate leads BSI's global strategy for creating safer, healthier, fairer, and more inclusive workplaces.

Kate uses her voice and work to reach global audiences to champion cultural change, which puts trust, engagement and well-being at the forefront. Kate’s work includes working with NGOs and research institutions to drive insight and policy change.

BSI - Creating a Holistic Approach: Linking Food Safety Culture with Health, Safety, and Well-Being