A Strategic Approach to Decarbonising Manufacturing Site

02 July 2024

Undertaking a sustainability transformation is not just a matter of compliance. It can provide a competitive advantage, growing the top line while offering differentiated, low-carbon products, as well as lowering costs by implementing tailored decarbonisation levers and better controlling energy commodity risk.

The question is how to achieve those results?

Join this free webinar with ENGIE Impact's team of energy experts to begin tackling your decarbonisation challenges.

ENGIE Impact will share the latest findings from their 2024 Net Zero Report, and walk you through the solutions available today to tackle the decarbonisation challenges of manufacturing companies.

They will also discuss the financial models available, and provide examples of real life projects that have achieved Net Zero results.




Check out ENGIE Impact’s latest guidebook on ‘Decarbonisation Fundamentals in the Consumer Goods Industry’ – you can download it here



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Kirti Rudra- Director, Sustainability Solutions (LinkedIn)

Alessa Wochner- Manager, Sustainability Solutions (LinkedIn)

A Strategic Approach to Decarbonising Manufacturing Sites