AquaPlan – a new tool to assess and mitigate water risks in agricultural supply chains

21 June 2024

In this webinar SLR will introduce AquaPlan, an exciting new collaboration between the University of Manchester and SLR Consulting that is delivering a step change in how food and drink organisations address water risks in their supply chains.

AquaPlan is a powerful new tool that allows farmers, agribusiness, and food suppliers to access state-of-the-art crop models, which make their supply chains more water resilient and sustainable.

Mat and Chris will introduce the AquaPlan tool, and provide practical examples of how the tool is being applied to help the food and drink industry to assess, mitigate, and respond to growing challenges of drought and water scarcity that are affecting farms in the UK and internationally.

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Mat Roberts- Head of Climate Resilience in Europe

Mat is the head of climate resilience in Europe for SLR Consulting, with a deep-seated interest in translating science and technology into practical solutions.

Working with government, academic and industry practitioners, Mat has championed transformation and innovation throughout his career, all anchored in a solid strategic understanding of clients’ wants and needs.


Chris Bowden- Postdoctoral Researcher

Chris is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Manchester, having completed his PhD in crop-climate modelling last year. Before starting his PhD, Chris was the assistant wheat breeder for Limagrain UK and has a master’s in crop improvement and plant genetics.

Chris has been the lead developer of AquaCrop and AquaPlan for the past year. During this time, he has integrated new modules into the underlying crop model AquaCrop and has improved the user experience of the AquaPlan interface.



All stakeholders and organisations within the Food and Drink Federation who buy, supply, or use crops that depend on water. Specifically, companies seeking to better understand and mitigate their exposure to water risks and climate change.

SLR- AquaPlan – a new tool to assess and mitigate water risks in agricultural supply chains