The FDF is proactively engaged with members and regulators on incident prevention and horizon scanning for emerging issues, to inform industry’s own activity to maintain the assurance and integrity of its products and supply chains.

We maintain an open dialogue with UK regulators and food chain partners to ensure members are alert to potential food safety or authenticity issues and can respond swiftly to emerging risks to protect consumers.

The FDF also supports the development and sharing of best practice, aimed at ensuring that robust systems are in place to deal effectively with an incident when it occurs.

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We are working hard to support our members during the Coronavirus - Covid-19 crisis.

Incident alerts

FDF welcomes CO2 deal

The Food and Drink Federation has hailed a new agreement reached between a major CO2 supplier and businesses in the UK to continue access to a sustainable supply and quashing fears of food shortages and price hikes.

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Support #HiddenHeroes

Please continue to support the FDF's #HiddenHeroes campaign on Twitter @foodanddrinkfed and @FDFCorpAffairs which is highlighting the hard work happening across the supply chain to keep the nation fed.

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Guidance: Food Authenticity: Five Steps to Help Protect your Business from Food Fraud

This guide sets out a step-by-step process to help food and drink manufacturing businesses of all sizes protect their businesses from food fraud by helping them to identify, prioritise and manage upstream supply chain authenticity risks.

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Guidance: Authenticity of herbs and spices

06 June 2017

Guidance developed to provide industry best practice on vulnerability assessment for culinary dried herbs and spices (including blends), in order to mitigate against potential adulteration and substitution.

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