Sector groups allow members facing similar issues to come together through a range of committees focused on their food sector.



Yogurt and chilled desserts

The yogurt and chilled dessert sector includes a range of products including plain yogurt, yogurt containing a wide range of inclusions, Greek-style yogurt, and desserts such as mousses, cheesecakes and many more.

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Meat and meat products

According to IBISWorld data the size of the meat products market is £6bn.

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Ice cream

The ice cream or edible ices sector includes sorbets, gelato, water ices and frozen yogurt, as well as the wide range of ice creams available on the market. 


Biscuit cake chocolate and confectionery

The biscuit cake chocolate and confectionery sector encompasses a wide range of products.


Vegetarian, vegan and plant-based foods

Meat-free foods can be separated into two categories: meat alternatives and meat analogues.