Farm to fork infographic

This infographic shows the food supply chain from food production through to the consumer.



Who makes a can of soup

This infographic shows the variety of careers that go into creating a can of soup.


From oats to oatcakes

This poster gives a flavour of some of the many jobs that go into making oatcakes.


The smoothie journey

This poster gives a flavour of some of the many jobs that go into making smoothies.


Careers path: The red meat journey

This poster shows the variety of careers available throughout the red meat supply chain.


Castleton farm poster

Castleton farm - poster

This poster shows the variety of careers at Castleton farm from on the farm itself through to selling their products


Castleton farm poster

This teaching resource helps educators and students understand how to read food labels and make informed and educated food choices. It includes the 14 food and substances that commonly cause allergic reactions. If you would like a PowerPoint version of this resource which includes useful notes please email 


View our food and drink education resources Wakelet to discover more useful resources from our partners that can be used in the classroom.

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Inside Scottish food and drink – career films

Tune in for a behind the scenes look at what its really like to work in food and drink, the skills food and drink businesses need, and why those working in the industry would recommend it to others.

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Careers case studies

Learning resources: Chemistry videos

Did you know science is crucial to the success of the food and drink industry? Chemists, physicists and biologists are all needed to ensure food products are safe to eat; to develop new products; and to make changes to existing products.

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Careers in food and drink and STEM skills

Moira Stalker, FDF Scotland Skills Manager talks about the variety of careers available in the food and drinks industry and shows:

  • how to make seaweed icecream
  • reveals the secret of soft centred chocolates and sweets
  • answers the question "Why do bags of coffee have valves?" 

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