St David’s 2022: FDF Cymru brings the best of Wales to Westminster

10 March 2022

St David’s Day 2022 presented the perfect opportunity for FDF Cymru to champion the hard work and exceptional produce that food and drink manufacturers from the valleys to the mountains had to offer.

In the heart of Westminster and at the most impressive of venues, Lancaster House, FDF Cymru were delighted to join UK Government ministers, Ambassadors, food producers and members of the Welsh business community, to celebrate the Taste of Wales.
As event co-sponsors, we celebrated the best of Welsh cultural heritage, and digest the bright prospects the industry is showcasing in the future with Welsh cakes, cereals, and waffles. A special thanks must go to Jenkins Bakery and the Speaker of the House of Commons, The Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP.

It was fantastic to meet in the flesh once again many familiar and friendly faces, along with making new political and business connections. This was a great start to our St David’s Day activity, providing everyone with the required sustenance to get down to the business of the day.

Celebrations aside, this was an important opportunity to set out our stall on the policy areas that mean the most to FDF Cyrmu members: Price inflation, attracting the talent to meet our skills needs and the demands placed on the industry by decarbonisation topped the bill on topics we agreed to continue working on together in the future.

As a result of our discussions, our gracious host Secretary of State for Wales Simon Hart MP expressed a keen desire to see the work FDF Cymru were doing with Advanced Manufacturers Research Centre Cymru and the innovation opportunities for Welsh businesses.

It was a pleasure to see the quality of products on show, including from our members Tygroes Waffles and Aberfalls Distillery. It was also a delight to have a catch-up with the well-oiled operations from some of drinks sector members by way of FDF-AMRC Cymru innovation project partners Drop Bear Beer and Penderyn.
Following the Westminster event, we managed to pry what remained from the satisfied guests at the successful event to present to colleagues in the London HQ – they have demanded we come back every week!

For their support, I must give a special mention to: Aberfalls, Black Mountain preserves Brecon Carreg, Cradocs Crackers, Cwm Farm, Kellogg’s, Halen Mon, Good for You Ferments, Jenkins Bakery, Morning Foods, Princes, SO Coffee, Tygroes Waffles, Unilever