Our 140 strong team comprises chartered tax advisers, accountants, sector specialists, lawyers and former-HMRC inspectors as well as quality assurance and client relations experts. R&D tax relief is all we do.

Our chartered tax advisers have a deep understanding of the R&D tax legislation and our sector expertise allow us to apply this to food and beverage manufacturing.

We're passionate about helping innovative businesses fund their growth. We want to help you make the most of your innovation, whatever form that help may take.

Get in touch and let us help your business access the full benefit that your innovation deserves.

ForrestBrown have gone above and beyond to set us up for success in our future claims. Besides preparing our first claim at pace, they’ve helped us organise our projects and record-keeping practices to ensure that the process is smooth and simple for us going forwards. They really have been extremely helpful.

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie

Founder, Mallow & Marsh

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Complimentary eligibility assessment

ForrestBrown is offering a complimentary eligibility assessment to all FDF members. Get in touch to find out whether your business is eligible for this funding, and if you’re already claiming, to identify whether all of your qualifying project costs are being adequately captured.