Start the digital transformation in the food and beverage industry

We want to revolutionise the food and beverage industry by providing innovative solutions to its unique challenges. From research and development to automation, logistics, power supply, and building management, we help you produce high-quality food while boosting your productivity and sustainability.

  • Reduce your CO Optimise your energy consumption by using greater visibility to improve energy efficiency.
  • Ensure resilient power supply and safe operation. Ensure uninterrupted operations with a reliable power supply and by maintaining safety.
  • Quickly adapt to changing consumer preferences. New products need to be developed quickly and manufactured reliably – so production equipment needs to adapt just as quickly.
  • Enable a transparent production. Data and data management helps you make the right decisions quickly.
  • Master your company's digital transformation. Get advice at the beginning of your digital journey and establish IT and OT connectivity to access your data.
  • Optimise maintenance and reduce downtime. Reduce the risk and cost of downtime with a comprehensive cybersecurity approach and predictive maintenance plans.
“Prevention is better than cure and by using advance data to predict and act early, we're now able to slash downtime. That’s huge.”

Jamie Ashpole

Director, JJA Pack

Join us for Transform 2024

Accelerate your digital and sustainability transformation at Transform 2024 on 17-18 July at Manchester Central.

Join thousands of participants across industry and experience a spectacular technology showcase exploring how we combine the real and digital worlds in new ways to break new ground. Hear from and collaborate with industry experts, experience transformative technology in our live marketplace, and co-create tangible solutions to more competitive, resilient and sustainable.

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