Xampla has created a world first drop-in, high performance material made from plants. Working with existing manufacturing processes and equipment, we deliver natural and biodegradable materials to replace the most polluting plastics and deliver advances in nutrient encapsulation technology.

Working in partnership with global brands, we come together to build scalable and reliable plastic-free solutions for edible and soluble films, coatings and microcapsules using abundant feedstocks. Our material decomposes naturally and fully, without harming the environment. At end of life our material provides important nutrients for wildlife and plants; putting back into the soil what nature has given.

Our world leading encapsulation technology enables brands to deliver a range of ingredients such as vitamins, probiotics and flavours. Guarding against UV light, low pH systems and pasturisation. Our microcapsules are digestible, vegan and gluten free. As they are digested in the small intestine and enterically released, they offer excellent bioavbailability. They are made from natural ingredients and are Food-certified (EFSA).

In just over three years, we have seen Xampla’s breakthrough vitamin microcapsules evolve from concept to production line. It’s been amazing to see how Xampla’s technology drops-in seamlessly to our existing processes, using standard equipment.

Paul Graham

GB Managing Director at Britvic plc

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