The Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets)(Scotland) Act 2019, passed by the Scottish Parliament, contains some of the most ambitious statutory emission reduction targets in the world. The transition required to meet these targets will be one of a number of long-term structural changes to the economy that will require a response and active management from the Scottish Government.

Against this backdrop of increasingly ambitious emission reduction targets, calls for fairness in climate change action and securing a ‘just transition’ have grown. Originating from the trade union movement, the concept of just transition refers to the need for Governments to take action to reduce emissions in a way which is fair and leaves no-one behind.

The Just Transition Commission has been established to provide Scottish Ministers with practical, realistic, and affordable recommendations for action that will:

  • maximise the economic and social opportunities that the move to a net-zero economy by 2045 offers
  • build on Scotland’s existing strengths and assets
  • understand and mitigate risks that could arise in relation to regional cohesion, equalities, poverty (including fuel poverty), and a sustainable and inclusive labour market

The Commission invited written submissions to inform the development of their final recommendations.

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Just Transition Commission: Call for evidence

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