25 June 2024

10:30 - 12:15

Free Event

Are you confused by the complex regulations that affect the advertising and promotion of your high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) products? Do you know know how regulations will differ across England, Scotland and Wales? Do you want to learn how to comply with current and future regulation? 

This webinar will be an opportunity to hear from policy makers, and industry experts with extensive experience in interpreting regulation in this area.

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The webinar will explain:

  • How businesses have responded to placement regulation in England since its introduction in 2022.
  • Welsh Government and Scottish Government plans to implement promotional restrictions in the future.
  • How to take steps to ensure you comply with forthcoming advertising rules for HFSS products.


Ed Wilson, Deputy Director Public Health Improvement, Prevention and Promotion, Welsh Government

Cheryl McNulty, Restricting Promotions Team Leader, Diet and Healthy Weight, Scottish Government

Andy Taylor, Regulatory Policy Executive, Committee on Advertising Practice

Emma Davies, Technical Sales (Bakery),  Ulrick and Short

Louise Allen, Senior Executive of Diet and Health, FDF

Amy Glass, Head of UK Diet and Health Policy, FDF








Welcome and Housekeeping

  • Welcome
  • Brief overview of FDF
  • What the webinar will cover
  • How to submit questions

Amy Glass


(15 mins)

How Ulrick and Short can support your business

  • Role of functional ingredients to achieve non-HFSS status
  • Case study
  • HFSS calculator


Emma Davies (Ulrick and Short)




(15 mins)



HFSS experience so far

  • Manufacturer response
  • Insights from restrictions in England and       comparison across devolved nations.
  • FDF resources

Louise Allen

HFSS Promotions in Devolved Nations


(15 mins)

HFSS policy in Wales

  • Overview of what is planned – including   potential divergence.
  • Timeline and next steps

Ed Wilson (Welsh Government)



(15 mins)


HFSS policy in Scotland

  • Overview of what is planned – including   potential divergence.
  • Timeline and next steps

Cheryl McNulty

(Scottish Government)


(20 mins)


Q and A session


HFSS Advertising


(15 mins)

Further HFSS Advertising rules

  • Role of ASA
  • How you can ensure your brand advertising   doesn’t promote a HFSS (LHF) product
  • Timing, next steps, legislative process

Andy Taylor (Committee on Advertising Practice)


(10 mins)


Q and A session

Andy Taylor



Thanks and Close

Amy Glass


Members and non members.

Manufacturers, retailers, out of home sector, local authority officials, trading standards.