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Employment exchange and workforce collaborations

15 January 2021

FDF have collaborated with job recruitment apps Placed, SonicJobs and Syft to share potential job opportunities across the food and drink industry, specifically in distribution warehouses, driving, and logistics.

FDF is able to offer its members extremely competitive rates of up to 60% off with these suppliers, allowing access to a combined database of over 360,000 full time and temporary job seekers in the UK.

It is hoped FDF's collaborations with Placed, SonicJobs and Syft will help as many people as possible swiftly return to employment, whilst also helping members identify and recruit suitable candidates.

In addition, in Scotland the My World of Work Job Hub enables food & drink employers to quickly advertise immediate vacancies to a broad audience through the national online careers resource. It also provides job-seeking customers with a trusted source of opportunities at this critical time.

For further information, please see the links provided in our 'Access to Labour' guidance.


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