New fund to help Scottish bakers make their food healthier

15 May 2023

Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland - in partnership with Food Standards Scotland (FSS) - has launched a new fund to help Scottish bakery businesses to make their products healthier.

The Healthier Bakery Fund is open to all businesses based in Scotland that produce sweet or savoury bakery goods such as cakes, pies, pastries and bread. This includes bakery and ingredient manufacturers, local butchers and bakers, cafes and restaurants and retailers.



  • Bread, Cakes, Fresh Pastry Goods

This fund will support projects that reduce the fat, sugar, calories or salt content in much-loved products or that increase fibre, wholegrain, or fruit and vegetable content in recipes. These changes can often be achieved by simple actions such as swapping shortening for a lower-fat alternative or incorporating wholemeal flour into a recipe.

Food and drink producers have a real desire to offer a wider range of healthier products – but the associated costs can be challenging. That’s why this fund has been launched. Successful businesses can use up to £5,000 of funding to pay for activities such as trialling recipe changes or nutritional testing.

Joanne Burns, FDF Scotland’s Reformulation for Health Manager, said:

“I am delighted to launch the Healthier Bakery Fund - thank you to Food Standards Scotland for providing £50,000 of funding that has made this possible.

“This funding will support food businesses across Scotland to make changes to their recipes that will allow shoppers to enjoy healthier bakery products.”

Laura Wilson, Head of Public Health Nutrition at FSS, said:

“Reformulation is one of the most effective ways the food industry can help improve the everyday foods we eat. Our recent research found that the average calories in sweet bakery products, from out of home outlets such as coffee shops, bakeries and cafes, to be over 450, with the highest products reaching over 1600 calories.

“The results are concerning as these products are among the top ten food and drinks purchased when eating out or ordering in. When put in context with the 2000 calorie recommended average intake for a female, these products can make up a big proportion of a full day’s calories.

“This fund will support businesses to provide healthier options for everyone and support a healthier food environment.”

Ian McGhee, President of Scottish Bakers, said:

“We welcome the launch of the Healthier Bakery Fund. Our members have been focused for some time on improving ever further the quality and quantity of healthier products to meet the growing consumer demand for healthier options so additional financial support to continue to do this is welcome.

“However, this must go hand in hand with additional investment in consumer education and awareness on the simple steps people can take to eat more healthily whilst still being allowed the odd sweet treat for which our Scottish bakers are so renowned.”

The Healthier Bakery Fund is open until 30 June 2023. View more information


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Notes for editors:

  1. The Healthier Bakery Fund is open to all businesses based in Scotland that produce sweet or savoury bakery products. This funding has been provided by Food Standards Scotland. Successful applicants will be awarded funds from £1,000 to £5,000 and need to provide at least 50% of the total project costs. The deadline for businesses to apply for the fund is 30 June 2023. View more information
  2. FDF Scotland’s Reformulation for Health programme, funded by the Scottish Government, is helping small and medium sized food companies to make their products healthier.
  3. FDF Scotland is a division of the FDF - the voice of the food and drink manufacturing industry – the UK's largest manufacturing sector.