Environmental Leadership 2022

30 November 2022

apetito Ltd - Leading the Way with Net Zero Carbon Strategy

apetito’s purpose has always been to “make a real difference” and nowhere is this evidenced more passionately than in its approach to environmental leadership.


The company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions in 2021 includes:

  • the launch of the NHS’s first reduced carbon menus – saving up to 20% in menu carbon.
  • the launch of the world’s first large-scale, closed-loop recycling initiative for tens of thousands of Wiltshire Farm Food customers – returning more than 100 tonnes of trays for recycling in its first four months.
  • ongoing multi-million-pound investment into equipment and infrastructure.

apetito feels passionately that sustainable business is the right way of doing business and the time to act is now. It also believes offsetting does not go far enough – carbon has to be taken out of the environment – hence its approach to climate change is market leading and it is increasingly seen as embodying best-practice in its partner approach to sustainability, with both customers and consumers.