Brand Launch of the Year 2020

03 February 2021

Green Cuisine - Birds Eye (Nomad Foods)

Green Cuisine, a sub brand launched by Birds Eye, is a versatile range of products made with pea protein and includes twists on three dinnertime staples: Meat Free Burgers, Meat Free Sausages and Meat Free Swedish Style Meatballs.


Green Cuisine’s reason for being is making meat-free mainstream. With pea protein-based products, they use natural produce that inherently fit in with Birds Eye’s heritage. Their products also include a natural source of iron, an important ingredient for those looking to reduce red meat but to also stay healthy. As parents become more conscious of their families’ meat intake, fussy-eaters and varying tastes often make it hard to make vegetarian meals that everyone will eat. It became the mission of Green Cuisine to create a range of mouth-watering meat-free dinner staples that are healthy and taste like the real thing, so no one will miss their favourite dishes.

After identifying key category barriers including family appeal and taste, the brand decided to target families which under-index in meat substitutes. Green Cuisine aims to facilitate healthier eating choices for the whole family so no one has to compromise. The distinct targeting approach used, ensured a focus on growing the category through appealing to new consumers.