New product launches and reformulation to continue to support fibre within our cereals range

16 April 2024


Cereal Partners Worldwide UK have continued to help bridge the gap between the UK’s recommended daily intake of fibre and actual fibre intakes. Cereal Partners UK continued to provide opportunities to consumers by launching new products to the market which were either ‘High in Fibre or a ‘Source of Fibre’ Reformulation work was also undertaken which also impacted fibre levels.

Nesquik Choco Waves were launched in 2023, and was supported with on-pack messaging to clearly signal whole grain and fibre content to consumers. Specifically, this included ‘High in Fibre’ side-of-pack messaging, as well as being supported by the launch strategy for all involved media; digital and shopper marketing activities (in-store and online media). This communicated taste while also highlighting the ‘Whole Grain No.1 Ingredient’ Green Banner. A CRM email was also sent to our database of 170,000 consumers which also highlighted the fibre content.