The Scottish Government consulted on priorities to support Scotland’s manufacturers to rebuild and recover from the covid-19 pandemic. The manufacturing recovery plan focuses on four priority areas: collaboration and networks, supply chains and competitiveness, adaptation and transformation, and skills and workforce.

Actions include:

  • developing a manufacturing start-up accelerator, drawing on international best practice, to get more investment into new or early stage companies
  • supporting inward investors to create new supply chain opportunities for Scottish manufacturers
  • providing funding and support to help more manufacturing companies make the shift to digital solutions and low carbon practices that reduce costs and increase profits
  • developing a skills programme that will help workers reskill or put their transferable skills to use in other parts of the manufacturing sector

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In our response FDF Scotland said signposting individual businesses but also ensuring that intermediary organisations such as enterprise agencies and trade associations is vital to ensure as many businesses as possible understand and can easily access support for manufacturing.

We noted that if the recovery plan partnership can facilitate learning journeys and carry out and disseminate horizon scanning relating to manufacturing, this would be welcome. 

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View FDF Scotland's full response to the consultation.