SLR Webinar: From Environmental Management to sustainability

05 October 2021

Traditionally, environmental management for many organisations has tended to focus on operational performance issues such as pollution prevention and legal compliance, waste management and utility consumption.

Whilst the introduction of the revised environmental management system standard ISO 14001 has encouraged a broader perspective, many organisations experience difficulties in trying to integrate environmental risk and opportunity with the business strategy and throughout the organisational value chain.


The environmental and sustainability agenda is rapidly evolving, with issues such as climate change and net zero, biodiversity, plastic, packaging, procurement, supply chain management and life cycle thinking resulting in increased performance transparency.

This presents both risk and opportunity for organisations and increases the need for internal departments to work collaboratively and strategically to manage performance.

This webinar will identify current and future environmental risks and opportunities and using practical examples such as net zero, illustrate how these can be integrated and managed throughout the organisational structure.

The webinar will highlight how the effective management of environmental performance not only supports strategic business objectives, but provides a natural pathway for organisations to understand and integrate the broader principles of sustainability.

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