Digital health checks and automating your accounting processes with Johnston Carmichael

26 June 2023

Johnston Carmichael (JC) is a Top 20 accountancy and business advisory firm with offices throughout the UK and over 500 clients across the food & drink sector.


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Johnston Carmichael, accountancy and business advisory firm working with 550 food & drink producers across the UK, recently released their food & drink survey report, which looked back at 2022 and into 2023. One area of the report focused on innovation and automation, both of fundamental importance to the industry. The survey showed that only 20% of respondents indicated a significant investment in automation in 2022, with the majority of this coming from the larger businesses. The remaining 80% indicating none or very little investment in automation.

In this webinar, Johnston Carmichael Head of Food & Drink Adam Hardie, will briefly summarise key findings from the survey, including insight on automation, and ask what business can do next to mitigate some of these significant challenges.  Adam’s colleague Charissa Gracie from the Digital Advisory team will then focus on automation of accounting processes with Cloud Accounting and the wider digitalisation of food & drink businesses financial processes.

Is your company’s finance department experiencing any of the following challenges? If so this webinar may be of interest to you.

  • Your team are not getting best use of your existing accounting software?
  • A risk of human error in your manual processes?
  • Are staff swamped with paper work, demotivated or need to find more time?
  • Does management need more accurate real time data to help make better decisions?
  • Are poor accounting records or multiple systems and processes leading to additional year end accounting costs?

Cloud Accounting takes your book keeping transactions and business data online, integrated seamlessly into a single platform, resulting in streamlined digital processes, and significant time and cost savings to businesses.  Charissa and her colleagues work with businesses of all sizes to better manage their business finance function with cloud accounting software and digital apps.  She will also reference a free 30 minute digital consultation which is open now available to all FDF members.


Adam Hardie
Partner and Head of Food & Drink, Johnston Carmichael

Adam is passionate about the food and beverage sector, has a deep understanding of industry issues and particular expertise in unlocking routes to market, sources of funding and the development of strategic plans. He assists food & drink companies in their strategic growth is very well connected and uses his network to makes introductions with other business leaders, investors and intermediaries to help clients grow.  


Charissa Gracie
Senior Manager, Digital Advisory
Charissa develops and implements a variety of new digital concepts to benefit our clients: she is well versed in implementation of new processes, changing IT systems & integration, training staff, and mentoring team players, thus creating team success. Charissa previously worked for an Edinburgh based Fintech software company, helping accountants and direct users in the best use of the product and how to reduce time and money through automation and process improvements. She also worked for a Microsoft Gold partner IT company as the finance manager where she overhauled the entire accounts department from manual to fully digital along with improving internal processes


Digital health checks and automating your accounting processes with Johnston Carmichael