Food and Drink Technologist / Scientist of the Year 2022

30 November 2022

Dr. David Lloyd - Huel

Dr. David Lloyd is a newly appointed Senior R&D Manager at Huel. David has shown the huge value of understanding and applying science to solve product and process challenges, both offering the solutions and project managing them to delivery.


He has quickly solved complex challenges to improve product texture and stability with his expertise in colloidal science. With his engineering background, he has identified and explored technologies to improve process consistency, and is now improving our packaging sustainability without compromising protection it provides to our products. This level of scientific versatility and application to delivery is a significant asset to Huel.

David is also a great ambassador of Huel, championing the values of the brand and acting with passion, creativity and drive. He is now leading our R&D programme to harness the power of science towards further improvements.