Running a successful food and drink business means managing your people well. Having a skilled, engaged workforce will help secure the future of your own business and support the wider industry too.

In practice, managing people well involves many things, including:

You’ll find advice on all these topics on these pages. You can also learn about our skills programme, A Future in Food, which is raising awareness of the career opportunities and skills needs in the Scottish food and drink industry. 

Related topics


Careers and skills development

Our careers, skills and workforce development resources can help you explore your own opportunities in food and drink, whether you’re looking for a career, for tools to develop your people or for curriculum support.

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Fair work

Scotland’s Fair Work principles offer a valuable model for food and drink, helping you attract and retain people at all levels of the business.

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Inclusion and diversity

The FDF is working with members to improve the state of inclusion and diversity in the food and drink manufacturing sector.